Leather Cleaning

Posh French Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca understands that your leather garments, from leather and suede jackets to slacks and more, are not the same as your normal clothing, and shouldn’t be treated the same way. When you bring your leather or suede garments in to Posh french Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca, we go through a specific cleaning and rejuvenation process designed to restore your leatherware to its original glory. We start by doing a thorough inspection of the leather garment. We then clean the garments using a variety of different specially made solvents, depending on the type of material involved and the types of stains that need to be removed. The leather garments are all cleaned using professional dry cleaning techniques that are gentle on the leather material. For garments with mildew damage, we use a special proprietary cleaning method that works wonders for not only removing the stain, but deodorizing the garment to remove all traces of that musty mildew smell. Once the garment has been thoroughly cleaned, we press the garment, and re-dye, re-oil and refinish the material to restore the leather or suede garment to as close to the original condition as possible. There are other methods of cleaning leather and suede, but they simply aren’t as effective as the process used at Posh French Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca. If you need your leather apparel cleaned, contact us today by calling the Posh/Aldo’s location closest to you… Boca Raton, Florida: (561)-338-5373 Delray Beach, Florida: (561)-498-8852 …or by clicking here to submit an inquiry to our main office.