Wedding Gown Preservation

At Posh French Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca, we always take the finest care of all your suits, shirts and other dry cleaning needs, but when it comes to cleaning and preserving your wedding gown, we go above and beyond to ensure that it keeps that brand-new look for years. Wedding gown preservation is a highly specialized area of the dry cleaning industry, and Posh French Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca has built a reputation for excellence that makes them a clear choice to handle your most precious garments. Our cleaning and preservation process is designed to prevent yellowing or oxidation of your gown so it can remain the precious heirloom it was meant to be. Once we have inspected the garment thoroughly, we remove any stains and gently launder or dry clean the gown, depending on the material and delicacy of the lace, beads, sequins and other frills. By using a special process, we actually stabilize the PH balance of the gown, in order to maintain the integrity of the material. Once the wedding gown has been restored to its original beauty, we carefully package it in a specially designed display case, using acid-free tissue paper between the folds to ensure that no degradation of the material while occur while it is being stored. We vacuum seal the package, injecting a small amount of nitrogen to ensure that no oxygen can fade the color while your heirloom gown is being stored. Once the gown preservation has been completed, we provide a wedding gown preservation certificate to authenticate that the proper methods were used during the cleaning process and to provide a transferrable warranty on the gown. The wedding gown preservation process is a very time-sensitive matter, and it is recommended that you have the gown preserved within 2-3 days of your ceremony. This will help prevent any stains from setting in the fabric before the gown can be properly cleaned. Posh French Cleaners/Aldo’s of Boca is your New York and South Florida wedding gown preservation specialists. Visit one of our convenient locations in Boca Raton, or Delray Beach today, and ensure that your wedding gown remains as beautiful as it was on your wedding day.